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Tools are one of the basic necessities in building a perfect guitar be it an electric guitar or acoustic guitar and during the whole process the artistic side in you can flourish. Great luthier tools are our focus and passion to continually develop and research new ideas that will increase accuracy and productivity in guitar building. The guitar itself, require specialized tools that each have a specific solution to a particular building problem, each tool having the precision to accomplish these tasks. As the guitar industry grows so will the sophistication of the tools. If you are building an acoustic guitar, electric guitar or bass guitar, tools are the extension of your imagination.

What we are working on! New automatic side bending machine. Stay tuned

This machine will be designed to properly support both surfaces of the guitar sides. Walking the heat as you bend is an important factor on how the side will comply to the shape of the guitar. It will have heat control, pressure control and bend speed control. All these parameters can be stored in memory for a specific wood type and can be recalled and used at any time.